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Muse - Tempelhof Sounds Festival, Berlin - @ARTE Concert

6 Views • 06/20/22
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The trio around Matthew Bellamy is one of the biggest, best and most creative rock bands our world has to offer these days. And the fact is: there is no other band like @Muse. No one controls the instruments and their live show with equal precision as the three Brits. Open your eyes and let yourself be impressed!

It's hard to imagine Muse in their early days - in small clubs with only a handful of people in front of the stage. For just as their stage performance has transformed into this incredible live monster of superlatives, their music has remained changeable, always developing new facets and shedding old skins until it has become the dazzling 80s reminiscence that defines the Muse sound of today. But from the first band moment to the present, the special harmonic genius shimmers through every song, so that you immediately recognise it as belonging to this band.

0:00:00 Will of the People
0:05:04 Psycho ("Distorted Drill Sergeant" Intro)
0:11:25 Won't Stand Down
0:15:20 Citizen Erased
0:23:11 The Gallery
0:26:29 Compliance
0:31:06 Time is Running Out
0:35:15 Nishe
0:36:58 Madness
0:42:17 Supermassive Black Hole
0:48:40 Plug in Baby
0:53:01 Behold, the Glove
0:55:28 Uprising
1:00:55 Prelude
1:02:00 Starlight
1:07:29 Kill or be Killed
1:12:43 Knights of Cydonia ("Man with a Harmonica" Intro)


[AVAILABLE UNTIL 10/09/2022]

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