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Sub Urban - UH OH! (feat. BENEE) [Official Music Video]

2 Views • 06/25/22
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Story & Creative Direction by Sub Urban
Directed by Andrew Donoho
Production Company - Obsidian
Executive Producer - Doug Klinger
Head of Production - Anna Heinrich
Producer - Ian Blair
Director’s Rep - Doug Klinger at Reprobates
Production Manager - Kristen Brancaccio
Production Coordinator - John Wayne Leingang
Director of Photography - Kristian Zuniga
Assistant Director - Michael Estrella
2nd Assistant Director - Mike Roque
1st AC - Jackie Vresics
2nd AC - Aaron Brenner
Steadicam - Loren Hamilton
Gaffer - Drew Valenti
ACLT - Dominic D'astice
Hyphenate - David Veerman
Key Grip - Ed Barraza
Best Grip - Jason Webster
Grip - Gaither Narron

Production Designer - Danny Erb
Art Director - Hunter Kist
Set Decorator - Michael Coursey
Lead Man - Jordan Pelzl
Lead Carpenter - David Ochmanek
Set Dresser - Abe Turner
Set Dresser - Eric Moore
Set Dresser - Christina Skilbred

Stylist - Lisa Madonna
Wardrobe Assistant - Chaun Loose

SFX Makeup - Sasha Glasser
Artist Makeup - Chelsea Delfino
HMU Cast - Viv Somers

Cast -
Mom - Jeanne Carr
Dad - Troy Dillinger
Sister - Paige Westbrook
Little Brother - Abel Lysenko
Post Producer - Callie Schuttera
Editors - Sebastian Zotoff & Erin McCaffrey at Rock Paper Scissors
Edit Producer - Whit Johnson at Rock Paper Scissors

Color - Matt Osborne at Company 3 @matt_osborne_color @company_3
Color Grade Producer - Blake Rice and Jake Rioux at Company 3 @blakerice

VFX Supervisor - Andrew Donoho
Compositor - Andres Jaramillo at Straynge
Background Repair - Kuldeep Singh at Purplepatch VFX
Sound Design - Christian Stropko

Studio Teacher - Caroline Lund
COVID Officer - Fiona Gaye at Elite Medics
Talent Safety - Richard Dorton

PA - Robert Gillard
PA - Ozzy Vidrio
PA - Evan Donoho

Benne Australia B Unit Credits -
Supervising Producer - Callie Schuttera
Producer, Wardrobe & Production Design - Jeremy Vallence
Director of Photography - Matt Jasper
Benee HMU - Rose Letho

Filmed at the Jasper Picture Company, Melbourne

Sub Urban Artist MGMT - Stefan Max and Liam McCarthy

Label - Warner Records
Commissioner - Devin Sarno & Norman Wonderly

Benee Artist MGMT - Campbell Smith & Poppy Tohill (CRS Management)

Shot on Kodak 35mm
Film Processing - Fotokem

Uh oh
Uh oh
Uh oh
You made a mistake
Uh oh
Uh oh
Tell me things that can’t be true

Your slacks are on fire
I’m fanning the flames
Like a vampire
Stood out in broad day
Shoulda been wiser
While pickin’ out
What you were gonna say

Fool me once
That’s one too many
Better luck next time you’ve met me
Where’s the dunce
Who caught you meddling

Turn around
Uh oh

Uh oh
Uh oh
Uh oh
You made a mistake
Uh oh
Uh oh
Tell me things that can’t be true

You’re sweating this time
I’m reading your eyes
You’re being called out
‘Cause you slipped your mouth
Your face has turned pale
Gone faint, you’re not well
While you were distracted
I cast a spell

Uh oh better run away now
Uh oh you’ve made a mistake aw
Uh oh got nothing else to say to you
Uh oh

Uh oh
Uh oh
Uh oh
You made a mistake
Uh oh
Uh oh
Tell me things that can’t be true

Forgive this wed intermission
Tragically I’m not the victim here
If only I fell for your fiction
Tell me things that can’t be true

#SubUrban #BENEE #UHOH

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