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TIANA'S ALTERNATE UNIVERSE SONG | ANIMATIC | Friends on the Other Side【By MilkyyMelodies】

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In this alternate universe, Mama Odie passes away. After Tiana and Naveen have their royal and bayou wedding ceremonies, Tiana opens up her dream restaurant and starts her new life with Naveen. Once she opens up ‘Tiana’s Palace’ Mama Odie comes to tell her that she feels her time is coming and she would love Tiana to be her successor. Mama Odie explains why she chose Tiana as she recalls when they first met whilst Tiana was a frog. She saw so many amazing traits in Tiana that came from her father. The likeness Mama Odie made to her late father immensely touched Tiana’s heart but she was torn between the life she had started to build and accepting Mama Odie’s request.

Tiana spoke to Naveen about what she had discussed with Mama Odie. Naveen thought it was a bad idea as they had just started to build their life together but Tiana felt as though she had an obligation to the bayou because of the help the bayou’s inhabitants had given them Tiana but Naveen did not have the same care for the bayou as Tiana did. Tiana decided that she was going to accept the offer and run her restaurant at the same time even though Naveen disagreed with her choice. As months went by Tiana trained with Mama Odie whilst running her restaurant and Mama Odie passed away not long after this.

Tiana continued to balance her duties but began to feel like something was missing from her restaurant dream. With Mama Odie’s recent death, Tiana couldn’t help but remember her kind words about her father. This made her realise that she would never be able to completely fulfil her restaurant dream without her father. Opening up Tiana’s Palace was her father’s dream before it was her dream. He wanted to call his restaurant ‘Tiana’s Place’ after his daughter and he inspired Tiana to share this dream. Tiana also started to think about what Dr Facilier had showed her when he was trying to make her a deal. She saw memories of her father working extra shifts whilst being extremely tired just to come back home with a smile on his face to make his family happy. Tiana felt a lot of pain from these memories because she never knew this side to her father and he never got to see his daughter take his recipe’s past their back porch. This is what Tiana felt was missing all this time, she had a deep desire for her father’s presence so they could live out their shared dream.

In this version of the story Dr Facilier had offered her a deal that would not only include her restaurant but would also bring her beloved father back. Whilst thinking about this deal Tiana realised that she could use her newly found voodoo powers to get in contact with the voodoo spirits who gave Dr Facilier the ability to bring her father back, but Tiana would not make the same mistake Dr Facilier did by selling her soul to them. She struck a deal with the friends on the other side that didn’t involve her soul. This deal required the full time closure of Tiana’s Palace so that she could fully dedicate herself to working with the spirits. Naveen could not support Tiana’s decision especially given what he had been through at the hands of these Voodoo spirits. Naveen didn’t understand the extreme lengths she was willing to go to in order to bring her father back to life. He felt like he had lost the woman he fell in love with and decided to return to Maldonia.

Tiana had to supply souls to the voodoo spirits as part of their deal but unlike Dr Facilier she didn’t trick people into making deals with her. Her deals were fair and she truly gave the people of New Orleans what they asked for but she had seen the selfish and immoral nature of humans throughout her life. Tiana thought back to the difficult times in her life like when she wanted to open her restaurant but the Fenner brothers told her that a woman of her background wouldn’t be able to handle that. This is why she developed a plan to always strike a deal that tested people’s morals. If they failed to fulfil their part of the deal she thought it was fair to sacrifice their immoral souls for the chance to regain her father’s sweet and loving soul.

Several years later a young girl who needs a deal arrives at Tiana’s doorstep in the bayou…

🎵Song: Tiana's Alternate Universe Song
🎤Vocals & Lyrics: MilkyyMelodies (Me!)
🎼Musical Arrangement: @Pacuuu
✏️Animatic Artist: @MissArtsy

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album..../4c3A5pUYL7Bm6hQzHe4
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/gb/alb....um/tianas-alternate-
Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.co.uk/albums/B0CLWTMMDP?marketplaceId=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&musicTerritory=GB&ref=dm_sh_agUau61adCkOizDPwIRPQ6zUl
Youtube Music: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=43qrX7PX3AA&si=SZyiGd9ll4xyLdJ4
iTunes: https://music.apple.com/gb/alb....um/tianas-alternate-

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